Indian Tigers are famous worldwide, for their audacity and few of them hold celebrity status in the world of Tigers. Its true that for a mere human all tigers are magnificiant animals but few of them stand out distinctively and had become extremly popluar for wildlife safari tourists. Lets get to know the star cats of India.

Big Cat 1: MACHLI (Ranthambore National Park)

First and foremost, the list starts with Ranthambore national park’s most famous tiger well known as “MACHLI” officially coded T16 . She has been the center for many documentaries and films and recieved numerous awards. She is know as the ‘Queen of Ranthambore’ and the ‘Lady of lakes’ and once dominated the entire jungle. A You Tube video of her battling and vanquishing a 14 ft crocodile has more than 5 million views.


She’s now 19 years old, weak, toothless and possibly blind in one eye, and the park officials feed her to keep her alive.

Machli T 16 Ranthambore

Machli T 16 Ranthambore

[via Ranthambore National Park]
Facts about Machli

World’s most photographed tigress.
More than half of the population in Ranthmbhore national park and Sariska national park are of her lineage.
Also known as the “lady of the lake” since she ruled the water bodies of the jungle.
She has been bestowed with a TOFT Lifetime Achievement Award for her contribution to Rajasthan.

Big Cat 2: SHIVAJI (Taboda Andhari Tiger Reserve)

One of the most famous big cats is the dominant male, Shivaji (named after valiant King Chatrapati Shivaji). The 13 year old tiger, known for his bulk and aggression, can usually be seen in a 50 sqkm area of the southern Kolsa range of the park.

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Shivaji’s ancestry is unknown, as his main territory within the southern part of the Tadoba reserve is not open to tourism.
He is a huge tiger by any standards and has a number of female tigresses under his protection. These include the Kakadghat female, the Hirdi nullah female and the Panghat Kuti female, all of which have cubs.

Big Cat 3: MUNNA (Kanha Tiger Reserve)

Kanha Tiger most famous residents is a tiger called Munna, who can quite easily be identified by his stripes. The marks on his forehead seem to spell out CAT and PM below stands for prime male. Munna has a reputation for following safari vehicles until they pull off the track.


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Big Cat 4: Bamera Male (Bandhavgarh National Park)

The son of Bandhavgarh National Park’s best known tiger B2 Sundar, who died in 2011, this dominant tiger is known only as Bamera male. The story is that he left the reserve he was born in but returened a few years later to battle his father and take it over.

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